Indian style interior design is unique in it’s own way and is exceptionally among the most exotic, interesting and complex decor styles to see and especially  rich and complex to work with. Due to the cultural and historical difference between a large number of cultures, languages and religion, the kind of art all across the country stands out from among the rest of the world and has a strong base in Hindu mythologies as well as a lot other including Christian, Jewish, Islam, Buddhist, Sikh etc. India also has those kinds of architectural masterpieces that are left behind due to the colonisation of the British, Portugese and Dutch has also had a vague influence even though traditional Indian style has a legacy of tradition on its own. This traditional Indian interior design has many variants. Nonetheless, we are listing 8 simple elements that simply points out to some basic traits used, associated with the Indian interior designs.


Vibrant Colours: Visually bright and varied colors are almost always the standard hallmark of Indian interior design. While it’s hugely tempting for the natives to go crazy with such a vast palette, it is also to be remembered that too much color can create visual chaos.

Opt for earthy tones that looks essentially  natural – ochre yellows, rich browns and burnt oranges for your walls and floors, will be smart choices. Yellows and pinks on the fluorescent side of the spectrum and vibrant blues and greens can be used for smaller elements such as pillow-cases or chairs .

You can also opt for a safer, bicolor theme – using a neutral shade as base color and bursts of a lively primary color for highlights.

Solid Wood furniture: Solid wood furniture is invariably an important element in Indian interior design. For an authentic look, make the most of stunning Indian craftsmanship and choose traditional pieces with curved armrests and legs, that might interestingly look like lion legs and carvings and inlay work in metal or ivory.

Get one or two ornate centrepieces and complement them with other more minimized furniture. There’s also a vast variety of distinctively Indian pieces to choose from such as wooden chests, footstools jharokas and bird cages.

Informal people spaces: Indian home design centers around flexible informal spaces which allow a relaxed interaction. It’s also possible to create different levels of seating using high chairs, sofas, diwans and footstools.

Rugs and floor cushions lend warmth and comfort to decor and can be used quite liberally. Traditional Indian pieces such as the swing, or jhoola, can bring a playful and interesting vibe to your spaces, also look for interior design companies in kerala.

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