Home Interior Design : How Curtains and Blinds Give Life?

Stylish curtains and blinds give an elegance and life to home interior designs. Really the look and feel of a home is completed with suiting curtains and blinds are added as interior design companies suggest.


What are the purpose of curtains and blind? In interior design products market , many varieties of  blinds are available which will take your home look like a place or suit room.


How curtains and Blinds give Life?


  • Blinds and curtains are excellent home decors
  • They provide necessary privacy  with style
  • Control light and dust
  • Flexibility and customizable designs
  • Keep temperature moderate
  • Available in mind pleasing colours


Interior designers in Kerala, will suggest the right choice for customers who search for suitable curtains and blinds that comes under various price slabs. It helps everyone to choose blinds and new style curtains in their living rooms,bedrooms and dining rooms without any compromise.


Curtains are washable whereas blinds are permanently fitted and replacement will be the only option incase of any damage. Mostly home designers in Kerala select blinds only for selected rooms , blinds are more  included in office designs.


Choose your curtains and blinds wisely,as they decide the lighting and mood of your room in any climatic conditions. Search for the best home interior design in Kerala and complete your interior furnishing most brilliantly.


Why Lighting Is Important in Interior Designing?

What makes or break the ambiance of a room is its lighting?

So the warm or bright light used in interior designing enhances the aesthetic appeal and mood of every building. Interior designers in Kerala, have a special team to monitor the lighting architecture of new buildings.

As per the house owners or employees taste every home or office is customized with proper warm and projected light to serve the purpose of each location. Kerala’s top interior designers suggest perfect lighting model to clients while preparing the 3d architecture of the building.

Lighting Types

  • Ambient Lighting: To achieve the look and feel of rooms
  • Accent lighting: Highlight architectural features of walls and objects
  • Task Lighting: Light in special task areas for performing daily activities

Importance of lighting in Interior Designing

  1. Colour Management: Add or subtract the overall colors of the room.
  2. Directional Lighting: The lighting in a room either provides illumination for the entirety of the room, or it highlights very specific elements.
  3. Task-specific lighting: Used for desks and other work areas where functionality is more important than overall room illumination.
  4. Space: Natural and man-made lighting help with the illusion of space.

Employing a good interior lighting designer can increase the brightness of a space and create ideal mood sets.

Energy conservative Lighting

Lighting needs to be energy conservative than illuminating unnecessary, So plan the expense of overall lighting before designing light styling. Spend money more for task-specific lights which should be long-lasting without less maintenance.

Interior designers in Kochi suggests both energy conservative and stylish lighting concepts to the building. Let’s light the lamp of love and a good life.

Simple Wardrobe Designs For Stylish Bedrooms

We all love to sleep in a neatly arranged bedroom where used clothes or our gadgets never lay on the bed in an unorganized manner. Interior design companies  in Kerala have come up with new stylish but simple wardrobe designs that meet our bedroom needs.

How to have a lovely organized bedroom?

It’s quite simple with a stylish wardrobe or closet which will consume all our necessary clothes and shoes or anything without making distraction for our eyes.

Top benefits of Wardrobes

Interior designers in Kerala, replaced almirahs with wardrobes identifying the benefits ,let’s see the top benefits of bedroom wardrobes.

  • Efficient use of Space
  • Wardrobe can be tailored according to your actual needs.
  • Useful and Tangible Asset
  • Easy to Clean
  • Contemporary style and finishing
  • Choose right material suits your bedroom
  • Easy to attach and detach

When you have a luxurious wardrobe that make your room feel organized will create perfect mood to live happy in your bedrooms.

Forget about the frustrations ,seeing pile of clothes and blankets on your bed when you return from office. Wardrobes provide everything a permanent accommodation and accessibility to all essential gadgets in your room.

Interior designers in Kottayam, Kerala suggest new houses to include more built in wardrobes not to lose the elegance of your romantic bedrooms. You can have drawers, lockers ,utility box,mirror ,shoe rack or anything you wish inside a wardrobe.

So let’s buy new generation  wardrobes ,than purchasing costly almirah which will consume bedroom free space.

Office Interior Designs: Top Creative Offices

Why professional places should follow  traditional ? It’s time for revolution to happen in office interior designs. Here are some of the top creative office designs now popular.

What we expect from a web design company ? reception,cabins,conference halls and everything like a serious official rooms. But what you can see above is the interior of a web designing company, where creative designs are incorporated with  shades of web designing tools and sketches.

Why you need Out of box Interior designs ?

  • Surprise Element
  • Incorporates Different Styles
  • Get what you expect
  • Combination of expert and novel ideas

Professions and work culture has changed from official to casual. So the interior design companies in Kerala are showcasing variety of options to office cabins with contemporary and artistic styles.

More than office , best interior designer  make an effect of working in a motivating space with proper combination of lights and colours .Even gadgets and furniture’s create an encouraging charisma of positiveness.

Would you like to re furnish your company office in a new interior design ?

Try some out of box ,office concepts and welcome new clients to give them something special  atmosphere in your professional world.

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress,working together is success “ . If your business need success let’s work together with us for best office designs that make your employees and clients fall in love with your business.

Read more about expert interior house designs on our blog.

Modular kitchen in Kerala : New Cooking Luxury


Cooking is a great art and profession in whole world,traditional kitchens where a little bit dark smoke rooms house makers mostly invest their time.The concept kitchen has changed from dark rooms to luxurious cooking space called modular kitchen.When many of the new homes adapted towards modular kitchen,we need to know about the features and benefits of modern smokeless kitchen.

What is a Modular Kitchen?

The modern kitchen furniture layout consisting of modules of cabinets made of diversified materials which hold accessories inside, which can facilitate the effective usage of the spaces in a kitchen.Creativity is the greatest advantage of modular kitchen,house owner have the freedom to choose the style,colour and facilities of a kitchen.

Modular Kitchen Benefits


  • Ease of construction: Modular kitchen looks very clean and trendy.They are very easy to construct at your own styles and tastes.
  • Durability:Kitchen is mostly engaged and regular working place,long durability of modular kitchens helps them first choice while designing kitchen.
  • Quick Assembling: Interior designing companies in Kerala quickly assemble your dream kitchen,is the greatest advantage of modular kitchens.
  • Easy Cleaning: Modular kitchens are commonly designed with facilities for easy cleaning.Keep food and other kitchen utensils in a clean environment through new designs of modular kitchen.

Types of Modular Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen,Straight Kitchen,Island Kitchen,U-Shaped Kitchen,L-Shaped Kitchen,Dining Kitchen,One-Wall Kitchen,Gallery Kitchen,Work Triangle Kitchen,Open Plan Kitchen are the various types of modular kitchens provided here by modular kitchen makers in Kerala.

Read more about types of Kitchen on the upcoming blogs of Merrycon Interiors,have a dream kitchen that cooks good happiness for your life.

Interior Design companies in Kerala : Furnishing Dream Homes

Dream homes are built by the innovative architects and interior designers in their mind first ,customizing opinions and demand of customers.So the common idea behind any home is usability and positive energy we can experience once we enter our home or any rooms.Building a mansion may not satisfy your needs if you are not happy in that home.

So let’s check out how to furnish a dream that sense your mind ,family culture and attitude. Interior designers in Kerala are bringing up with extra ordinary concepts that could convince your needs in the budget you expect to finish home.

1.Follow a design make cleaning easily

One can positive energy into a house, by following an interior  design helpful for decluttering and cleaning the space. Clutter creates stagnant energy and impedes the flow of positive energy.Clean the cupboards and drawers and clear things that are no longer in use. Keep the house clean and ensure that there are no cobwebs.

2.Place Positive Pictures at home

Interior wallpapers and paintings should always be positive. Avoid photos depicting war, loneliness, poverty, etc. Display natural scenery pictures or family photographs.

3.Plan your interiors with proper Air circulation

Ancient architecture was all about proportions and planning the structure in a manner that it is always in sync with the magnetic field of the earth and harmony of colours. Fresh air and sunlight aids positive energy at home. So, ensure that you keep the home’s windows open, for some time in the morning.

Modular Kitchen Kerala,should also be in proper location of the home.As kitchen is most important place,they have a great role in bringing positiveness and attraction to any home.

Why New Homes Demand Wallpaper ?

When we see certain wallpapers we feel us to be in some wonder lands or relaxed environment, that’s the mood every wallpaper gives us than normal paints and colour shades.So if you are interested to know the features of wallpapers then continue reading this story ,why new home demand wallpapers.

We get a number of options in the market in recent times, but we hardly know which one will suit our house’s personality. We need to decide which will be the most suited for our happy home.

1.First Look

First and foremost, with wallpapers, the look of your rooms becomes exciting and elegant and also contemporary.Wallpapers could change the mood of rooms like prayer room,kids room or even bedroom with it’s shades of colours ,designs and textures.Textures can provide different look to your each of the room separately and according to the personality of the room owners. Just need to pick up the desirable wallpaper for your room.

2 Choose Distinctive

To give your room a distinctive look, make sure you choose different patterns of wallpaper for each of the room. This will differentiate one from another. According to your kids age also you can decorate the walls with the wallpapers.

3. Available in Creative Character designs

As the wallpaper comes in attractive and interesting characters and patterns, the best way you can make your kids happy and exciting is to get the wallpaper of their best cartoon character or whatever they like, such as chocolates or toys or universe patterns.

3.Expense Within pocket

This are the most cheap and inexpensive decorating way for your house. Even colors will charge your more and the costing of the experts also will be counted. Wallpapers can be put up by you also, which will be convenient as well as it will curtail the rest of the expenses.

4.Experimental look

The new look remains new every time you change the wallpaper for your room. Thanks to the wide array of designs available in the market, which helps us to maintain the new look of the room’s wall. You don’t even have to think twice while taking it off , because they are easily removable without any messy techniques.

5.Looks Richer and Bigger

Wallpapers makes your room look larger than it is in real. They basically fool your eyes, and form a delusion that the room is bigger. Even you can find artistic pieces which are of two dimensional designs but they look like three dimensional one, which attracts the viewers.

6.Hides wall problems

The basic positive factor is , that i covers up the defects of a wall. Many a times walls become dark and bad patches or marks come up in the wall. With the help of the wallpaper you can easily hide them and give the wall a new look. Even you can use them in the lower ceiling.

7.In tune with Furniture

The room gives a new sense of style just because you can match the wallpaper with your furniture and flooring and bring up a decor theme all together. This will also cover up the space which may otherwise look empty or not utilized.

Wake-up viewing wonderful Wallpapers

Match your style and taste and make the house look beautiful and classy.Interior designers in Kochi , have customized designs to suit you each and every rooms of your dream home.So wallpapers make it look your home another Taj hotel suite room or a palace bedroom with some creative piece of artworks designed on your smooth walls in less time and expenditure.

10 Major Hacks That Can Make Your Space Look Larger

From smart storage solutions to visual elements for the interior that make a space seem larger, learn how to make the most of your small Indian home with these interior design ideas. These ideas will make your home look spacious and trim.

1) Light colors

To make a space appear larger, use light colored paint like white or beige or cream. since they make spaces appear larger. Darker hues make a space appear as mini ones.

2) Curtain or wooden dividers

Sheer curtains or wooden dividers are a great way to divide or distinguish spaces in small Indian homes. For example, it is a great way to divide the living room and dining room by creating partitions.

3) Storage space under the stairs

A great place to store things under stairs is often overlooked but still holds important in most spaces. You can easily make cupboards or add shelves under the stairs. If you are really creating you can also turn it possibly into a mini bar as well.

4) Add mirrors

One of the easiest way to make a space look larger is by adding mirrors to the same. Mirrors not only make a space look larger but it also brightens up the space targeted. It’s an easy and feasible technique to apply.

5) Stair drawers

Another easy way to make the most out of a small space is to make drawers in your staircase! Clever, right? You’ll be able to store a lot of things in this unlikely storage space which can be created as a simple idea.

6) Fold down table

It is a table that you can fold and push up onto the wall when not in use. It is great for bedrooms or dining tables where you can keep it folded when not in use and is a great space saver.

7) Window blinds that double as a rack

Window blinds that double as a rack is another great way to save enough space. When not in use it can be a window blind otherwise you can use it as a rack to hang your clothes on.

8) Wall bed and sofa

This is a great invention that can be used as bed when pulled out or can be used as a sofa while folded. When the bed is not in use you flip it up and it just goes up because of the hydraulic system making it super easy to use.

9) Hang your draperies or curtains as high as possible

Another easy hack to make your room appear larger and ceilings higher is by hanging your drapes in near proximity to the ceiling. Also, hang your curtain rods at least 4 inches on both sides of the window so that the windows appear wider and lets in more light.

10) Furniture with built in storage

Furniture with built-in storage is a huge boon for small spaces as it serves multiple purposes at a time. For example, a bed with built in storage below or a couch with built in storage is great for small homes with less spaces.

These are all creative ideas for better designing of our homes and help us get smarter and interesting. There are many interior designers in Kerala if you are looking for one and you’ll definitely find good ones among them.

How dining rooms are to be set at the right design

What is a perfect dining room? For many people, the dining room is their centrepiece—the place where they entertain guests and share family meals. Because of its importance to the home, it’s important to get the design of any dining room exactly right and matching. All well designed dining rooms pays close attention to the space available. When you are trying to place tables and chairs, lighting, and storage cabinets, space is one major consideration. Good designs also show flawless harmony. Everything works together, from the ceiling and lighting to the flooring, to the walls and the table. However, it’s important to note that everyone’s tastes will differ according to themselves. There is no one perfect dining room, just an endless variety of interior designs that fits about the passions of the people they serve
Dining room ideas and inspiration:You might be pretty passionate about designing a brand new dining room, but where should you look for information and inspiration? Merrycon offers a new way to discover the latest interior design trends, allowing anyone to select the right dining room style. Browse through the merrycon online catalogue, which is grouped around different styles and the rooms of the home. When you find a design which inspires you, simply record it in the easy to use Ideabook and save it for later consideration when you come to finalize your design. The Ideabook also allows you to make notes as you go along, so that no moments of inspiration are lost along the way. With merrycon, anyone can assemble the various elements that go into creating the ideal dining room.

Which colors for my dining room? Contrasts seem to work very well in the most successful dining room designs. Classy blues and reds combine neatly with white ceilings, particularly when used in combination with features like wainscoting or dado rails. Pure white or cream white walls can be near to perfect for minimalist or modern dining rooms, although they risk blandness as well, so if you choose lighter tones, colourful additions like floral arrangements are such a good idea. Try to steer clear of colours that are too flashy and overwhelming. Eating is a relaxed pleasure that requires much of an elegant setting. A well designed dining room relaxes guests and allows them to enjoy well the setting at their leisure.

Tips for decorating my dining room; Decorations can be the difference between an anonymous space and a fully-furnished, beautiful dining room, so take the effort to assemble the right collection of ornaments for your room. If you have gorgeous porcelain and plate sets, display them in your cabinets, and be sure to use the right mix of colours through flowers, curtains and artworks. Wallpaper is a fantastic way to create a more enhanced, interesting appearance, while lampshades can also become an integral part of the dining room design. It also helps to have a range of table decorations in hand. Hand crafted table settings and candles can be swapped around to change the mood from family meals to even romantic dinners.

If you are looking for Dining interior in Kochi as many as you want is more than available so choose wisely the right design.

How important are furnitures in Interior designing

Furniture is an important industrial design product. Furniture matters the most when designing any space. This lesson explains why, when and how furniture is important in interior design.

Furniture matters to interior designers as much as books to librarians. It’s important because interior design is concerned with the design of spaces and what makes the space is furniture more often than not. In this article, we’ll go over the various aspects of this ‘making’.

Furniture and function:

Furniture is an industrial or a craft-based design made to support human activities. Interior designers use existing furniture or new ones in types of ready-made, built-in or custom-designed. Every furniture is made with user needs and function in mind of the maker. Function determines what a furniture should do like sleeping (beds), or seating (chairs) or eating (tables).

Function determines what a space should do as well. Analyzing how a space will be used and what activities will take place in that space marks the programming phase of interior design where furniture is inclusively involved. Function determines which furniture and furnishings (appliances, accessories and fittings) are necessary for the usage of space, too.

Probably furniture matters the most when the design is implemented as furniture brings function to space. A good example for how furniture defines and dictates the space would be an airport. How would you know where to sit and where to wait in an airport? You look around for seating elements at the right place, right? Because, furniture clearly states the intended function of the lounge/waiting area.

Space Planning & Furniture

Furniture and functionality work together in the space planning phase of an interior design, too. By definition, space planning is the allocation and division of interior space according to the client needs and requirements. How to place the furniture is an essential part of space planning where maximum-usage is considered in the placement and arrangement of furnitures.

Also, space planning involves circulation most of the times. Circulation means leaving enough space for the human flow in the space around furnitures. For the best utilization of space, usually furniture is placed to allow free movement. This makes the space around furniture as important as its arrangement is. Thus, furniture works as a functional and circulatory element in interior designing.

Equally important, furniture is a major design element too. Interior designers use furniture to establish a pleasing sense of order in every space. They engage two- and three-dimensional design for the arrangement of furniture and to consider the elements of design such as shape, form, color, and texture.

In selecting and arranging furniture, interior designers usually integrate a vast body of knowledge. History is one of their important information sources. There are a lot of top interior designs in Kerala also if you are looking for any.

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