Building a home itself is a heavy dream fulfilment for many. Why bother to design the interiors?  What’s the point? Hiring interior designers to makeover your indoors has been viewed as a luxury until recent times. This is especially the case of middle class Indians for whom finance also play as a discouraging factor. But times are changing and creating beautiful interiors has now become a priority for many. Here are several reasons why hiring expert interior designers for your home is more relevant than you think.

  1. A home of your own

Nothing gives satisfaction like seeing our signature identity actualised. An interior designer can understand your tastes and preferences well and sometimes even better than you. They can make these preferences a reality with optimum use of space. An intelligent design will give the most personalised look to the interiors rather than the designer’s idea alone. A good designer can take your vague ideas, refine them and add new ones, thus making an interior full of its own personality.

  • Saves time

It looks like hiring someone to redecorate your home will be more time consuming than doing it oneself. This can’t be far from the truth. In fact, an expert designer can make the redecoration process quite easy and fast. Interior designing takes up a lot of research and planning to decide the best style for a living space. An interior designer can simplify this process and save your time.

  • Saves money

Hiring a designer can save your costs in the long run. You can get many less expensive alternatives for the furniture and décor you actually pay a huge sum for. An interior designer can help you with that. This will stop you from making money draining mistakes while decorating your home.

  • A professional approach

Interior designers are trained to do their work with the optimum utilisation of space. Often they are experienced and can come to quick decisions regarding the best styling choices for your home. They will help you make choices that probably remain for a long time since you can’t renovate often.

  • Your budget won’t run over

It’s a common scenario that the renovation works often doesn’t go well as we had planned for and end up taking up more money than previously estimated. A professional designer can give you a clear idea about your budget and help you stick on to it. She/he will choose decor items that not only suite your style but are also reasonably priced. An interior designer often has years of training and has learned to perfect their craft. Redecorating spaces looks like an easy one man job but such vague beliefs often end in disastrous results for home. From the surface level, it can look like hiring designers is a pricey and an unnecessary job. But good interior designers can actually make your home renovation simple, easy and artistic. They can add many incredible features that will create stunning interiors for your living spaces.

An Indian touch that makes designs rich and elegant

Indian style interior design is unique in it’s own way and is exceptionally among the most exotic, interesting and complex decor styles to see and especially  rich and complex to work with. Due to the cultural and historical difference between a large number of cultures, languages and religion, the kind of art all across the country stands out from among the rest of the world and has a strong base in Hindu mythologies as well as a lot other including Christian, Jewish, Islam, Buddhist, Sikh etc. India also has those kinds of architectural masterpieces that are left behind due to the colonisation of the British, Portugese and Dutch has also had a vague influence even though traditional Indian style has a legacy of tradition on its own. This traditional Indian interior design has many variants. Nonetheless, we are listing 8 simple elements that simply points out to some basic traits used, associated with the Indian interior designs.


Vibrant Colours: Visually bright and varied colors are almost always the standard hallmark of Indian interior design. While it’s hugely tempting for the natives to go crazy with such a vast palette, it is also to be remembered that too much color can create visual chaos.

Opt for earthy tones that looks essentially  natural – ochre yellows, rich browns and burnt oranges for your walls and floors, will be smart choices. Yellows and pinks on the fluorescent side of the spectrum and vibrant blues and greens can be used for smaller elements such as pillow-cases or chairs .

You can also opt for a safer, bicolor theme – using a neutral shade as base color and bursts of a lively primary color for highlights.

Solid Wood furniture: Solid wood furniture is invariably an important element in Indian interior design. For an authentic look, make the most of stunning Indian craftsmanship and choose traditional pieces with curved armrests and legs, that might interestingly look like lion legs and carvings and inlay work in metal or ivory.

Get one or two ornate centrepieces and complement them with other more minimized furniture. There’s also a vast variety of distinctively Indian pieces to choose from such as wooden chests, footstools jharokas and bird cages.

Informal people spaces: Indian home design centers around flexible informal spaces which allow a relaxed interaction. It’s also possible to create different levels of seating using high chairs, sofas, diwans and footstools.

Rugs and floor cushions lend warmth and comfort to decor and can be used quite liberally. Traditional Indian pieces such as the swing, or jhoola, can bring a playful and interesting vibe to your spaces, also look for interior design companies in kerala.

Things To Consider For An Economic Bathroom Remodelling

Interiors are what every householder wants to be neat and tidy as well as smart and elegant. Among them the most important while not the most popular is how well the bathroom is built and maintained. This is where more money and attention should be given and everyone should understand its importance as most of our alone time is spent in the bathroom which should never be a mess, if not our all other time would be affected as well.


Especially while remodelling a bathroom, one of the first question is often about the price. How much does it cost to turn my older, worn out space into a sparkling bathroom that looks great and suits my needs?!

The total bathroom remodel cost is based on a number of things and most remodeling companies need to gather quite a bit of information about the scope of your project to give you a more accurate estimate. That being said, the price tag can be higher than that many people expect for such a small room and more than the “fantasy” prices shown on advertisements.


However the amount you spend is within your control. Given below are some tips to minimize cost without lots of confusions.

1.Do hire a designer: Start your project with a solid plan and realistic budget, potentially avoiding expensive mistakes during the construction phase though you may not hire a pro right at the start of your project. Hiring a contractor to start work without a fully thought out plan could turn into a disaster, rather get help from a professional designer to handle a number of design decisions that pop up during the course of a project.

2.Don’t move the plumbing: While certain bathroom renovations will have to have you relocate a toilet or tub, you will save big money by just leaving them where they are. More often the basic layout you have is likely the only one that will work in your space. Even if you don’t move fixtures you will have plenty of opportunity to choose new ones and make other updates to make your bathroom just right for you.

The other main things are named below:

3.Do consider your tile options.

4.Don’t use too less money and time on storage space.

5.Do choose quality plumbing fixtures.

6.Don’t forget about paint.

7.Do choose cool light fixtures.

8.Don’t spend a fortune on your sink.


Consider all these to choose the best design for you and prevent wastage of time and money, to hire interior designers in kochi for better results.

Home Interior Design : How Curtains and Blinds Give Life?



Stylish curtains and blinds give elegance and life to home interior designs. Really the look and feel of a home are completed with suiting curtains and blinds are added as interior design companies suggest.

What is the purpose of curtains and blind? In interior design products market, many varieties of blinds are available which will take your home looks like a place or suite room.

How curtains and Blinds give Life?

  • Blinds and curtains are excellent home decors
  • They provide necessary privacy  with style
  • Control light and dust
  • Flexibility and customizable designs
  • Keep temperature moderate
  • Available in mind pleasing colors

Interior designers in Kerala, will suggest the right choice for customers who search for suitable curtains and blinds that come under various price slabs. It helps everyone to choose blinds and new style curtains in their living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms without any compromise.

Curtains are washable whereas blinds are permanently fitted and replacement will be the only option in case of any damage. Mostly home designers in Kerala select blinds only for selected rooms, blinds are more included in office designs.

Choose your curtains and blinds wisely, as they decide the lighting and mood of your room in any climatic conditions. Search for the best home interior design in Kerala and complete your interior furnishing most brilliantly.


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