If you can pick out one main factor that can singlehandedly decide the evolution of interior designs in the coming years it is individuality. Signature looks are getting more attention than a traditional or classy touch of designing. According to many expert designers, people simply don’t want to follow what everyone else is doing and this is a good sign. It simply means that interior design has just opened its door for more creative off-trends. But we can still point out several prominent trends that rose from the ashes of outdated design ideas in the past. From design, decor and colourevery conventional sense of style is questioned rapidly and pave way for another short lived trend.


White is a colour of class, luxury, simplicity and purity all combined together. The desire for all-white interiors remains timeless and continues to reign 21st century design ideas. With the new minimalistic movement and studio apartments, white was a colour used by many to portray the theme of simplicity. The feeling of ‘spaciness’ associated with this colour has also helped in its popularity. Although off white colours and shades of white tried to find their place in modern homes, nothing has stood strong like the colour of pure snowy white.


Modular kitchen designs have undergone a lot of changes in the last few years. The kitchen is the most important part of any household and the modern kitchen must scream warmth, class and luxury. For the new minimalist generation an element of simplicity is also desirable. The tricky thing for the design of modular kitchen is it must maintain a balance between usability and aesthetics. The evolution of kitchen designs has tried to incorporate this balance with that added piece of individuality sprinkled on top. The industrial look, dark contemporary look and millwork designs are some of the latest popular kitchendesign trends.


Gone are the days when living rooms are supposed to look luxurious ad rigid with a massive couch taking the centre spot. The lazy-lounging spaces are getting more popular day by day. Many have apparently disregarded the idea of a living room filled with couches and chairs. The living room décor is where a signature look can be most easily realised. Interior designers love the idea of a multi-aspect living space where the living room is sectioned and often blends smoothly with the other parts to look like a single unit. Studio apartments have already adopted this idea successfully and it gives a `flowing’ touch to traditional average homes. This is also one of those design ideas that enables optimum use of space while at the same time managing to look luxurious.


Nature, wellness, minimalism and mindfulness are some of the terms we heard a lot in the last decade. Clearly our generation has become more conscious about environment and want to step away from the age old practices of poisoning our planet. This on-going trend is visible in home décor too. Many have started to realise the benefits of using indoor plants as a decoritem. The indoor plants are slowly growing into a major trend among millennials. The plants not only purify the air but also give a therapeutic effect. The indoor plants can also make people feel closer to nature and this is especially important for a generation raised in the confined spaces of cities. The concept of energy conservation and minimal plastic usage are also mainstream now. Energy saving alternatives for light bulbs, wooden shelves, tables etc. are becoming hot trends. More natural and sustainable materials are used for furnishings and home décor.

The latest interior design trends have a lot to do with the mainstream cultural changes and the new global courage for standing apart. The modern interior designs are also becoming more sustainable, eco-friendly as well as simplistic. Let us hope for more of these trends in the post pandemic world.

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