What picture comes to mind when you think of a kitchen? I am pretty sure you have imagined a room with a stove, an oven, a sink and numerous storage cabinets! Yes, cabinetry is an important and inevitable element of all kitchens, something that would make a kitchen incomplete without. Afterall, what is a kitchen without the space to store the kitchen utensils, ingredients and what not.

There are many factors to consider when choosing kitchen cabinetry such as the colour, style, handles, size etc. What about the finish? Good God, how can you forget the finish! Regardless of the materials used to make the cabinets, finish gives an astonishing and stunning outlook to a kitchen. The best modular kitchen designers in Kerala will ask you which finish you want, so be ready with the right answer.

Here, let us take you to the three most trendy finish of kitchen cabinets:

  • High gloss kitchen cabinet finish: Whatever you have assumed by hearing the term is right and to the point. High gloss kitchen cabinet has a glossy and sleek finish that reflects the light of the space at different angles. It is very popular and highly in demand as they are well- suited for contemporary kitchen styles with flat cabinets. What makes high-gloss finish special is that they offer a glossy and shiny appearance making the space look bigger and open than what it really is. Need not worry on the colour choice, darker colour will not absorb the light of the room but will reflect it. However, the lighter the room colour is, the higher the reflection. Taking that advantage into consideration, most people opt for white colour.
  • Matt kitchen cabinet finish: Matt finish has recently been in trend in the most recent years. Well as contrast to the glossy finish they won’t reflect the light but absorb it. Matt finish is quite a popular choice for the ones who go for a traditional kitchen style with routed fronts.The biggest advantage of Matt finish is that it does not project all the imperfections on the surface like cut marks or scratches or fingerprints. At the same time, they give a unique outlook to the entire kitchen cabinetry since it does not reflect light. Glossy reflects the light in different angles making the cabinets look different in all directions. Matt finish gives a uniformity!
  • Semi-gloss finish: This kind of finish comes somewhere in between high-gloss and matte finish. If high-gloss and matte finish does not seem to be your type, go for semi-gloss as they combine the best features of both and come out even better. It has light-reflective features taken from high-gloss, but not as reflective as high-gloss, thus, the imperfections go unseen. It also gives a consistent colour to the entire kitchen cabinetry.

Now you know the pure and flashy high-gloss finish, consistent, subtle and simple matt finish and the hybrid variety of semi-gloss. Here on, it’s your preference and your choice to pick the right one. Whichever you pick, inform the best modular kitchen designers in Kochi and get it done with perfection.