The dream home of everyone comes to be fruitful when it is built and furnished in the way they wish. Interior design is an inevitable part of this task and to find a perfect home interior design may take long-term research.

Sometimes, the scheduled plan needs to change or sometimes the theme of the house makes it more beautiful.  

The interior designers in Kerala strive to grab the latest trends and utilize them in their works.  Nowadays, most clients prefer theme based interior rather than using the normal structure of an interior design.

It is due to many reasons like skills and creativity, technical knowledge, and qualifications. There are some basic elements to be considered when designing an interior of a home and this determines the beauty of the home. 

Here are some of the important factors:

  • Space: This element is the basics to plan and design the interior as well as the measurement is taken and it is used to fit objects according to these values. It is divided into two categories:

Two dimensional and Three dimensional 

The empty space or unwanted space is called ‘negative space’, but some designers use this space as storage space. There are methods to create space and utilize it. For example, the bubble plan and detailed scale plan are two of them.

  • Lines: There are mainly three types of lines used for interior designing and these lines are the scale to define and act as required space. The three types of lines used are Horizontal, vertical and dynamic lines. This aids to shape the room and each line has its own arrangements like a bed, chair, windows, wardrobe, staircase, and more.
  • Forms: The shape and design of each object have a fine design or a definite form. These objects can be created in a good looking manner by combining certain elements such as patterns, colors, etc.
  • Patterns:  These days there is a theme in the home that describes a story to others and this uses the patterns to make it more interesting and specific. For example, patterns on the walls and decorative materials used in the living room, etc. are some of them.
  • Light: Many people like to decorate their home with lights and it brings a positive vibe to the home. Moreover, these light techniques are adjustable to the situation and the types of lighting trends are:
    • Task lights
    • Accent light
    • Ambient lights 
  • Colors: This essential element brings positive energy to the home and the color used in the living room will not be the same used in the master bedroom.  Its been seen that some people use white as the common color for the whole house and the color for the roof will be Red, Grey,  or any other color. In addition to this, the quality of paint used is important as it affects health. Moreover, the intensity and characteristics of the color are different.
  • Texture: It brings the overall look and refers to the surface of the object. There mainly two different textures available:
  • Visual Texture
  • Actual Texture

These are the components that build a fascinating home that have full of happiness and joy.