Well, well, well, if you wish to update the interior design of your home with a limited budget and time, we suggest that you start by replacing or putting in some home decor items. Even without a complete turnover, your home will sparkle with these new decoration items that will style up your residence in 2021. Your entire space can feel fresh with these simple updates you do. The best interior designers in Kochi can set you up with the right home decors to brighten up your dream home.

Wall prints: One often sees walls inside homes as a large space painted with a single bright colour and that’s it. Well, if you think about it, walls are an excellent space for one to get creative. With numerous wall stickers, wall paintings etc. available in the market, redecorating the walls is a trend in 2021.

Table lamps: When people fuss about lighting, they often discuss only ceiling lights and bulbs. Table lamps are wonderful home decor items that give precise lighting without producing shadows, it is perfect for reading. Attractive table lamps are rising back to trend in 2021.

Rugs: Fabrics for windows, bedding etc. are often seen but picking rugs for flooring is not quite seen in traditional ways. But recent trends started swaying towards picking beautiful rugs to keep the warmth inside the home with trending floors.

Indoor plants: Plants and herbs growing in the orchard and garden is the old style. Now, people are more and more into making their homes greeny and nature-friendly. The first step towards making your home greeny would be purchasing indoor plants and placing them in different corners and your favourite spots so that the house gets an exceptional look.

Dried Floral Arrangements: Gone are the days, blooming flowers were the trends, now is the era of dried floral decorations. Dried flowers, grasses, stems, berries, seedpods etc. organized well and charming within vases. They are very long-lasting, as well as, adds an everlasting elegance to your home.

Books: Well, books aren’t home decorations exactly, but books placed at the coffee table, bedside table, bookshelf etc. display your personal interest in books and gives out an intelligent outlook to your personality and home.

These are the top-notch suggestions and trends to style up your residence in 2021. Once you have chosen the home decors that are best for your home, consult with the best interior designers in Kerala who can give you further insights into the matter. Purchase home decor items and live in a creative space.