The aspirations of people also become higher, living room trends are changing day by day. The living room is the place where we spend time together with our family and friends. The sofa sets and the related properties are the core part of the living room, which gain the first glance.  

Planning and designing phases of the living room are the most important stages; in other words, this is the step to decide what and where to place, which color and lights are suitable for the room, etc. The interior designers in Kerala keenly listen to their requirements and give the best output to make the living room complete.

However, there are some essential elements to be considered before going to make a signature of the newly built living space. The latest trends and new ideas for the living area of 2021 are:

  • Multi-functional space: Clever storage ideas show the smart work to store more and there is nothing to hesitate to arrange storage in the living room. This year people are waiting to know more about the new versatile storage looks that can be easily accessible and flexible to use. These days, people spend more time indoors, as a result, it is more convenient to arrange the functional and beautiful solution.
  • Statement rugs: The flooring of the houses will stay similar across the time, therefore, the statement rugs and it’s trending for a long time. The color sense of the rugs used will change, moreover, the new ideas can make a warm and unique look to your living room.
  • Blue sky thinking: Neutral tones have been the most popular for living rooms, soft and versatile shades like rose pink and sky blue have seen a surge in popularity, and also avail to create a feeling of restfulness and harmony in the home.
  • Opulent Grandeur: The journey of the Opulent Grandeur continues to 2021 with new trendy updates like opulent lighting and occasional furniture. In upholstery, greys, and blush are still popular along with rich navy blues and emerald colors. Moreover, investing in velvet fabrics and designs will give a better look to your sofa sets. 
  • Down to Earth schemes: It is announced that Brave Ground’ as the Dulux color of the year, neutrals are back with a bang. This season mixes neutrals with pops of color, with rich, earthy shades adding personality and depth of life.
  • Keeping things green: Feeling positive while seeing the green color is a good thing. The classic style blends with the color of the living area, and can create a peaceful atmosphere, and also, uses green on all walls for a cozy, wrap-around feel.
  • Bring nature inside: The calm and elegant living space has organized with various indoor plants. The green color plants contrast the color of the walls of the living room, and the first look will be eye-catching.
  • Escape to the country with a modern twist: The latest trend of 2021 is a modern trend blended with traditional style. Due to the lockdown, the customers crave the touch of outdoor and country living. Therefore, it is a need to design pieces that would be a mix of country styling but with a modern flair.
  • Express with classic florals: The classic floral wallpapers return this year, and some wallpapers connect to nature too.
  • Add texture with Boucle: This gives your sofa set an awesome look, and the color combination of the fabric used must be a contrast one that will grab others’ impressions.

These new trends can help to create a positive effect on each person entering your living room. The interior designers in Kochi establish great ideas to express the uniqueness of the living room. Each element of the living space has its own signature that strikes the eye. Therefore, the ideas of both interior designers and the clients combine and form the best living room.