New Year is always special to all where new emerging trends are gonna say a “Hi !” to the new aspirations. In other words, it’s been a year of new experiences of Covid-19 who teaches new lessons of life. 

During this time, people identified many new talents within themselves and processed them which made a good result.

These inspirational stories motivate many architects to build some color to life and the interior designers in Kerala introduce some of the unique trends in 2021 to make it more colorful. 

There are new trends that can be modified from some of the old ones like the traditional homestead named Four-story (Nalukettu) houses are modified and decorated with the help of a talented interior designer. 

Instead of traditional homes, there are contemporary houses and western model houses that can captivate you at first blush.

When advanced designs and products arrive the outdated ones will enter into the workshop to think about to reuse or recreate them in the future. Likewise, this time there are some new trends to introduce; so, let’s start with fresh ideas:

  • The “grand millennial” or “granny chic” style may rise in popularity this year. While moving, some people like to be in touch with the traditional elements and this grand chic will help to showcase some traditional aspects to the living area. 
  • Peel-and-stick wallpaper will likely be a part of 2021 because the easiness and availability of this product are high as well as cost-effective. Moreover, it seems to be simple to change and stick to a new wallpaper which will be more useful to the landlord who has low-commitments to that living space.
  • To edge out smooth tiling in the kitchen designers recommend Rustic ceramics. These trendy ceramics are costly but the matte-based glaze points to the new mood to the kitchen and also it can be utilized to cover the full wall which can depict some traditional points in it.
  • Green cabinets that recall the eco-friendliness could be one of the biggest kitchen trends of 2021. Nowadays, women like to decor their interior with indoor plants and hanging bottles with plants.  Therefore, as part of going green, they could prefer to do the kitchen cabinets to green. In addition to that, lighter and darker colors will enhance the beauty of the kitchen and green is the combination of two colors blue and yellow. 
  • Industrial styling will be the next key trend of this year. Industrial interior designers strive to blends elements like exposed stonework, high ceilings, wood, metal elements, and neutral colors, and so on. This design works for houses that integrate workspace, play, and living. Furthermore, it contains a fusion of modern and traditional style, so it will become super trending in 2021.
  • Plaster walls may return to make the home stylish and the technique behind this comeback is awaiting as the drywall still remains easier to install.
  • Wicker and rattan furniture will be trending and the woven furniture style becomes more popular in 2021 with warmth and lightness to the home decor using natural materials.
  • Rattan furniture is made up of woven palm stems, and wicker pieces that are typically made of woven willow twigs, and both designs are lightweight and can suit indoors and outdoors.
  • Natural fabrics may gain popularity over synthetics where people are interested to use natural materials like organic cotton, low-impact linen as prime candidates for 2021 trends. 

New ambitions of life point to the usage of natural materials as well as trendy products which ensures the quality.

Thus, the best interior designers in Kochi are installing their innovative ideas according to their client’s need which tells a story of love and memory.