Out of all the rooms in the world, your bedroom always remains the most personal, secure and safest spot that lets you relax in your comfortability. The decor and style of your room speak a lot about your personality. When you are in your bedroom, you are away from all troubles outside and would like to recline and unwind in tranquillity.

This article tends to give you the top 5 bedroom interior trends seen in 2021. Once you feel rejuvenated with the vitality of these interior designs, think no more, contact the best interior designers in Kerala and get your bedroom redecorated.

  • Bedroom/Office Model Combines Spaces

Well, 2021, as opposed to all the years before, is the year of “Work From Home”, where most of the people are working within the comfort of their home. As a result of which, people have been opting for bedroom designs that can also be made into their office with tables and perfect lighting.

  • Green Spaces

With lives moving into flats from villages into confined spaces, people are trying to make their available space maximum green. All kinds of indoor plants, hanging plants etc. are kept within bedrooms to give it a nice and beautiful feeling of being with nature.

  • Shift to Minimalism

With the great pandemic that has befallen us, people started to spend less money on unnecessary luxury and start going for minimal designs that are elegant. Along with this ideology came suggestions for clever storage of your belongings with the right size wardrobes that hold the maximum.

  • Environment Friendly

People started to care about nature and eco-friendly products more than ever. Thus, there has been a sudden increase in eco-friendly furniture within bedrooms made of wood, bamboo etc. Natural things never go out of style and they are practical as well.

  • Natural Lighting

2021 is trending with natural lighting bedrooms, that is, wider window panes and lesser walls, giving maximum space for sunlight to enter the room. One can also become creative with ceiling lights arranged in style for the nighttime.

This year is all about having Me Time, which we almost never had in the busy schedules of the years before. Now we have all the time in the world and people started appreciating the beauty of little things around us. Contact the best interior designers in Kochi and make a deal to redecorate your room in a classy and creative way as possible.N