A home with the best interior is one’s dream and when he or she achieves that is the dream come true moment in his or her life.

During the construction time onwards the importance of an interior designer is inevitable and to find the best in the industry is a little bit difficult as there are many talented designers who established their skills with a short time span.

Interior designers in Kerala strive to build their signature on every work they do and the works will be unique as each individual customer’s needs are different according to their dream.

Like all other parts of the home, all women stick to the kitchen to make it more beautiful and trendy.

Some people wish to design their kitchen in a traditional way but others like the modern style, therefore, designers of this time try to add more facilities to the client’s requirements.  

Some types of modular kitchen are:

  • L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout: This design utilizes the floor spaces and incorporates the maximum facilities for a small home. Thus the kitchen will get the fine storage space. 
  • Straight Modular Kitchen Layout: This is the ideal layout for studios, apartments or flats, and small villas and it keeps your kitchen space to a minimum while still maintaining efficiency.
  • U-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout:  This type of kitchen suits large kitchens with immense space and thus it provides the best storage space as well with plenty of upper, lower cabinets, and tall units.
  •  Parallel Shaped Kitchen or Galley Kitchen Layout: For people who like to spend more time in kitchen space to find the new flavors and dishes then this layout will go for them. Long a spacious area with two separations one for the wet section and another for dry and it is easily adaptable with easy moments and other facilities. 
  • Island Modular Kitchen Layout: This is a contemporary kitchen style and it suits a spacious home where it combines a straight line or L-shaped kitchen model with an unconnected island space. The island can be utilized in many ways as it can be customized according to personal interest. For example, it can be converted to a baking area or a sink space or can be used as a stovetop. As it is flexible with multi functionalities most people find it as the best ever kitchen to find fun in cooking with the family members. 
  • G-Shaped or Peninsula Modular Kitchen: There is a small difference between the Island kitchen and peninsula kitchen as the extra counter has only three side entry rather than four sides as in the Island kitchen. It is also well suited for a small kitchen space where the extra counter can be used as a breakfast zone or entertainment desk and also this type of kitchen uses less floor area.

The modular kitchens in Kerala are designed by professionals who have good years of hands-on experience in the industry and well-talented experts make a mark of themselves on their works.

Moreover, the trend changes day by day and the new customer ideas can become new innovations that can become a trademark of tomorrow.

Quality products and embedded facilities in the kitchen make them more attractive.